Mentis focuses on process technology, components and sustainable energy solutions for sophisticated production processes in the various production industry since 2007.

In addition to achieving this goal, by a determined and continuous R & D performance, now we have expanded our scope of perspective on a variety of processes and applications on Mechanical and Chemical operations.

Mentis aimed to be a global trademark by providing ‘’Effective and Reliable Solutions’’

As a designer, manufacturer and supplier company, we have already completed more than 110 global turnkey projects.

With more than 110 plants built worldwide since 2007, Mentis is a manufacturer and developer of chemical process plants for copper sulphate production lives, ferrous sulphate production lines, ferrous sulphate production lines, precious metals recovery lines, alkali fusion-based recovery process lines, and more

Our plants can be used in a wide range of every industry. We design for your demand according to your raw materials and get you the true solution

In cooperation with the customer, Mentis Engineering will analyze the requirements for you, to offer a system, which meets the specifications regarding quality, long-lasting and efficient.

Mentis helps customers think differently about recycling their precious metals; We will work with you to save your resources, build more sustainable facilities together, produce quality products, make your products more valuable, be more efficient and make your facilities work longer.

In short: Mentis Engineering Company Prepares you for the future


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