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    Molecular Sieve 3A.4A.5A.Production Plant

    molecular sieve

    Molecular Sieves "MOLSIV" are industrially important materials with microporous nature. They are the artificial types of zeolites.

    MOLSIVS are Synthetic Zeolites of a high value, designed and manufactured industrially for a vast range of valuable applications due to its high purity, wide pore sizes and the fact that it could be tailored for targeted specific applications.
    MOLSVS are the active principal material in petroleum refining, detergency, water softening, desalination and purification, medical and pharmaceutical industries where Natural Zeolites failed to satisfy.

    Molecular Sieves types such as 4A, 3A, 5A, 13X, Y and ZSM-5 are imported by all countries of Middle East and Africa.

    LIND Type A (4A) is one of the MOLSIVS used in detergency and it constitute about 70% of the world needs of Synthetic Zeolites. Moreover, two other industrially important Zeolite types (3A and 5A) can be produced by the same designed plant.


    Zeolites manufactured normally from pure chemicals (Sodium Silicate & Sodium Aluminate), It can be also manufactures from Kaolin natural rocks, where the process essentially comprises the calcination of the raw kaolin at a temperature between 600 and 950 o C. The natural kaolin normally contains iron and titanium oxides as main effective impurities, both of them are of minor quantity that has no effect on the functionality of 4A MOLSIV. However, removing such impurities by bleaching process improves its whiteness index such that the final zeolite product can meet the high market quality.
    The Molecular Sieve 4A crystals are produced by reacting the calcined kaolin with alkali solution of certain alkalinity depending on the kaolin quality and batch conditions through hydro-thermal treatment at a mild temperature of less than 120 oC for few hours. The produced crystalline batch is then washed, cleaned and dried. The dry product is then stored for the final formulation, shaping and packing. 
    The targeted 4A is an economically important type of the marketed Molecular Sieves that constitute more than 68% of the whole world synthetic zeolite production. 4A-MOLSIV market-demands exceed the production by 15-20 %. This type of synthetic zeolite is the active principle in all detergent industry and it constitutes more than 30 % of each detergent composition

    Zeolites from Kaolin Production line Units:

    1. Preparation of kaolin " can be outsourced": 

    a. Grinding 
    b. Screening
    c. Bleaching
    d. Drying line
    e. Calcination
    f. Storage tanks

    2. Preparation of Zeolites:
    a. Chemical Storage tanks
    b. Generation Reactors
    c. Drying line
    d. CEC Reactor
    e. Blending Unit
    f. Extrusion Unit
    g. Forming and Shaping 
    h. Activation Processing
    i. Packing
    j. Storage tanks

    3. QC and testing:
    a. Testing and controlling Lab.
    b. Pilot Production Line